Adopted! Luna Tuna


Luna was being dumped at the Everett Walmart off Hwy. 99 by her owner. The
man’s girlfriend called a friend to ask for help. The friend was someone l had
helped with her cat. So she called me for help.

I went to Walmart and got the cat. Luna was extremely overweight due to the
fact the young man would simply tear open a bag of dry cat food and leave it on
the floor for her to eat. Being overweight she doesn’t play much, but I encourage
to play as much as she will.

Luna is very friendly with people and loves pets and belly scratches. She will also
follow you around. She does not like dogs. She also would be fine with one
other cat which I would best if it where male. SHE IS INDOOR ONLY. She would
be fine with children over 7 years old.

She uses her litterbox. She has been on a diet which is wet food with a 1/2 cup of
dry only twice a day.

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