Meet TJ & Maxx


This darling duo is ready for their permanent home. Five months old, TJ & Maxx are a bonded pair and will need to be adopted together.


These two kittens were found at 2 a.m. in the middle of the

Bothell-Everett Highway. Maxx was huddled around the tinier, TJ.

They have been in foster care ever since.


Both are very active and love to wrestle with each other. Maxx is the more confident of the two. He is a sweet boy and very playful. Toys are a must for him. He is a door dasher and will need to be monitored when guests are going in and out of the house. He is very food motivated, and both of them love Greenie treats.


TJ is a sweetheart, but shy. She relies on Maxx, who is happy to eat her food if he can. TJ is beautiful with her striking coloring and big eyes. It will take her time to get used to you, and she may hide at first.

It would be best to keep them in a small room to start out and let them out for brief periods until they get to know you and their new home.


These sweeties will definitely need to be indoor only. If little TJ got out, you would probably never find her. The foster mom loves these two and wants them to have a home of their own.


Neither kittens are comfortable with dogs or small children. They would appreciate a small, quiet family that will give them time and space to gradually get comfortable with their new surroundings.


Stop by the store to meet them.


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