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Our full service grooming salon has an experienced and knowledgeable staff to meet your needs. Our groomers attend yearly seminars to keep in touch with current trends, styles, tools and techniques. We groom all breeds of dogs and cats.

If you would like to receive a quote or book a grooming appointment please call us during business hours at (425) 485-1500

Our grooming staff currently consists of 6 groomers, 1 head bather and a team of bathing  assistants.

Denise McDonald
Denise McDonald

A second-generation groomer who started grooming at the age of nine years old. Denise has for may years assisted with a 4-H dog group. An active member of the Washington State Pet Industry Association. She was named "Groomer of the Year" in a 1977 Seattle Grooming contest and was first runner-up in 1978. In 1979 she promoted and directed a local WSPIA Grooming Contest. 1980 Denise earned Certified Poodle Groomer title in the first Professional Pet Groomers Certification test held in Des Moines, Iowa. 1982 Denise successfully promoted the first groomer’s convention and certification testing in the Pacific Northwest, at which time she earned certification in the Sporting Breeds. 1983 she earned title of certified Terrier Groomer and status of Certified Master Groomer in Atlanta Georgia. 1984 PPGC INC. (now International Professional Groomers Inc.) elected Denise as Regional Director of the Pacific Northwest Region. 1987 achieved status of certifier for PPGC. Inc./ IPG INC. 1989 achieved status of Companion Animal Hygienist with WWPSA. 1990 Elected on the board for International Professional Groomers. 1991 took over the duty of treasure and membership comity for IPG Inc. Served for one and a half years. In 1992 won a major placement in a national grooming contest with a cocker spaniel. In 1994 won a second place (with an English Cocker) and a third Place (with a Wheaten Terrier) in a competition in BC Canada. In 2004 also in BC Denise won Two second placements in the advanced classes for Standard Poodle and Hand stripped terriers. To date is still an active Certifier for International Professional Groomers Inc.

Diana Murphy
Diana Mrphy

Has been with Maser's for twenty five years. She is a Certified Master Groomer having started the certifying process in 1982. In 1989 Diana took two placements in a national grooming contest held in Dallas Texas. 1990 she won first place in the poodle class, of the Northwest Dog Groomers Convention. Diana also received "Best Groomed Dog by a Nationally Certified Groomer” Diana’s most recent contest win was in 2000, she won the technical award in the poodle class at a Barkleigh show in Everett Washington.

Marne Tri
Marne Tri

Has been with Maser's for twenty five years. She earned her Certified Master Groomer status in 1989. Marne has also competed in grooming competitions. Marne is our resident cat groomer willing to handle even the hardest to handle cats.


Paula Gomes
Paula Gomes

Is a Certified Companion Animal Hygienist, test taken in the 1980’s. In 2001 she certified in the Non-sporting group and in 2003 Sporting group. Paula has been a groomer at Maser's for tweny years.

Becky Esch
Beck Esch

A Certified Companion Animal Hygienist. Becky is our Head Bather-groomer in charge of Maser’s bathing operation. Twenty years experience.



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